EDUCATION: Exam Prep Program

What do we do?

Currently, we provide tuition assistance for widows and orphans so that they can continue to receive an education. We also offer school supplies, books, install solar panels for night studies and uniforms for free. 

In the future, we plan to help villages build schools and training centers that will provide vocational education, as well as courses to help people grow.


How do we do it?

A percentage of donations are set aside for Education. Currently, Teêbo staff and volunteers speak with villagers to find those who are in danger of abandoning their education for financial reasons and then we provide them with whatever aid we can.


Why do we do it?

As of 2003, only 21.8% of the population is literate. In fact, the average Burkinabé (a person from Burkina Faso) only spends six years in school. If we truly are representing hope, then it’s critical we provide them with the opportunity for an education so they can flourish.