Baark Wusgo for being an incredible partner of Teêbo in 2017! .
Because of support like yours, we were able to fund successful programs like:

End Starving Season program: We purchased 115 bags of fertilizer and 65 animal-drawn plows, allowing farmers in Goumsin and Goennega to work 2.5 acres in 2 days, versus four weeks and alleviate hunger.

Exam Prep Program: We are currently working in Goumsin and Vipaolgo village primary schools. The two schools in our program were equipped, both teachers and students received supplies. During Fall 2017, Teebo had a great partnership with SEPAL from San Francisco State University to collect school supplies for 50 students.

Mission Work: Evangelism Outreach in several villages throughout Burkina Faso like Yako, Komki Yipaala, Goennega, Goumsin, Karpala, where we made disciples who are now making disciples for the glory of our Lord and Savior, Jesus-Christ.

A huge partnership in 2018: We are working in partnership with a local organization to dig a well to provide clean and drinkable water to the villagers of Boassa. We look forward to the challenges and joys of 2018 and watching as God continues to move.

Thank you once again for your generosity,
We are grateful,
Teêbo Team