Donations will be used to help us improve, implement, and execute the parts of our programs that is most in need.


  • An ox for a farmer

    Donations here will help farmers in Burkina Faso by providing them with oxen that greatly simplify the farming process. In fact our goal is to one day support 8,000 villages.


  • Animal-powered plow

    Plows are used to creating a deep furrow to plant seeds, increasing the likelihood of a successful harvest since the seeds will have deeper roots to resist harsh winds.


  • Bag of fertilizer

    Fertilizer is critical for a successful harvest since soil quality is poor and water is lacking. Your donation will buy one 110-pound bag of fertilizer.


  • Feeding Program

    Your contribution will help us alleviate hunger during the dry season by providing villagers with 110 pound bag of rice, corn, millet, and other cooking ingredients.



  • School Supplies

    Teêbo is working to raise the literacy rate in the country of Burkina Faso by providing supplies to students. This includes: a backpack full of pencils, chalk, notebook and rulers.


  • School Tuition

    Funds raised here will provide needy students with the ability to attend primary and secondary schools at public and private institutions.


  • Instructor Stipend

    A group of instructors provides extracurricular school activities to the students we partner with.


  • Classroom Supplies

    Many classrooms lack proper teaching equipment and classroom materials. Your gift will provide blackboards, desks, benches for the students and teaching supplies.


  • School Meals

    Part of our school support includes meal programs for the students. Fund will provide lunch for students: rice with fish/meat, water and traditional drinks.


  • Classroom Construction

    Many villages in rural areas don’t even have a school building, forcing children to meet outdoors under a tree. A donation here provides construction material to build schools.


  • Exam prep-program

    Our exam prep-program prepares students for the national exam at the end of the school year. Donations help develop a curriculum, teaching materials necessary for this service, and other supplies for the students.


  • Thursday Club

    We offer children in our programs this additional service where they can socialize with other students, stay out of trouble, and continue to learn different subjects. Funds here provide food, materials, activities and games.



  • Evangelism Events

    Sponsoring our evangelism events will help us share the Gospel with the unreached in Burkina Faso. These multi-day events include: open air evangelism, teachings, discipleship and fellowship with the communities.


  • Evangelism Equipment

    Funds here go to evangelism equipment such as speakers, microphones, instruments, and other electronics necessary to create a mobile presentation of the Gospel.


  • Evangelism Follow-up

    You donation will allow us to follow up and encourage recent converts. Donations will go towards materials, literature, and travel costs associated with revisiting a village.


  • Conference Event

    Conferences are held mostly in the cities to raise awareness that the fields are ‘white’ and ready for harvest and to motivate disciples making. You support will help us rent a building, chairs, a stage, stipend for speakers and other needed supplies.


  • Church Planting

    This donation will go towards the construction of churches that are already in progress around the country.


  • Vehicle Funds

    We are collecting funds to buy a vehicle. We will use this vehicle in Burkina Faso to travel in rural areas for programs development and extension. Help us reach the unreached.