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Acts Of Love:  End Starving Season, Exam Prep Program, And Mission Work.

We have developed very unique; yet holistic approach to implement Teêbo Acts of Love in each community. It is community build in with heavy involvement of local people, village leaders, men and women and experts from the capital city, Ouagadougou.

Our approach is called the 3E-model: Engage, Equip, Empower.

Our team first Engage with the community for relationship and build trust before talking about possible programs. Part of the process includes, an assessment of the needs and an evaluation of the situation through data collection. Dialogue with the villagers to learn more about their current techniques and determine why there’s an issue. Instead of giving cash away, we decide to equip the community with tangible supplies to help them get out of poverty, starving season and/or low success rate at the national exam. Besides receiving tools, we work together to improve conditions for self-sufficiency. During the process, a local committee members group is put in place in the village to represent Teêbo and team development to continually empower the community until sustainability. It includes measuring the impact, follow-up to evaluate and improve current programs and set an example for surrounding villages to come learn and start something new at their location.

Scalability Audit is to reach real impact where the Burkinabés become sustainable with five years of presence for each program.Through our partnerships, we keep the programs cost low and effective. As we work with experts to assess the needs and find solutions, an affordable approach must be implemented in order to replicate the programs. We help families based on our budget and their level of need. Our programs are replicable and we hope to replicate the program nationally, starting with individual farmers, then villages, then provinces, and finally the entire country.

End Starving Season

Part of our mission for the agricultural program is to develop the agricultural sector in Burkina Faso to be self-sufficient. The fact that 90% of the population relies on subsistence farming with unthinkable natural conditions such as drought, water availability, soil conditions, natural disasters that are not favorable, we came to the conclusion to tackle the lack of modern equipment. This approach is money efficient and holistic. The big idea is to use new technologies and methods in different villages by incorporating the use of plows, healthy fertilizers and in a long run, develop hydro-agricultural dams in rural areas. We sincerely believe to make an impact of reaching food self-sufficiency in each starving home. Our desired behavior from the farmers is to adequately apply modern-day agricultural techniques to fight against starving season.

An effort to finally end the “starving seasons” that affect Burkina Faso’s farmers twice a year. Teebo works with local farmers to increase crop productivity to produce extra food to eat, and for disposable income.

Program Cost: $15,140.00

Distributed Supplies:

  • Plows: 165
  • Bags of fertilizers: 165
  • Farmers: 346

Exam Prep Program

Our mission starting the program was to build a successful exam prep program for 6th graders, in one village first, Goumsin, then take it to other villages. We have accomplished the first part of our mission two years in a roll but the second part of it is still pending. However, we are exciting with the inspiration todevelop a program to prepare 6th graders for their National Exam, which includes private tutoring, meals, and ministry for students in the village. Our impact has been measureable and we recorded a significant increase to the pass rate of 6th graders who take the National Exam. Using our 3E-model (Three E’s of Engage, Equip and Empower), the program is done cooperatively with the villagers via government, spiritual, social, and educational leaders. At a low cost, we implement the program and move on to the next village after they are comfortable running it.

A successful program built around the local educators that significantly increases six graders’ success rate for the National Exam. We are expanding it to more students and villages.

Program Cost: $8,370.00

  • Students: 241
  • Success Rate Triple: From 30% to 98%

Mission Work

We sincerely believe in the call and opportunity given to us to make disciples, Jesus-Christ’s followers. We take it seriously and long to make disciples who make disciples. Our holistic approach is Christ centered, so we engage with churches in remote regions to preach the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God, by going from village to village. The joy comes not only while we share it but to also see Christ call many to His Kingdom by creating sincere followers of The Way. Our desired behavior for Kingdom’s work is for the unreached population to accept Christ, follow Him, and to create new believers. We usually partner with a church in a rural location,invite the village community for an evangelism outreach. During our meetings, The Gospel is preached, brochures and books are given; new disciples are made and put in touch with a local Church.

Many lives have been changed and programs are born from our holistic approach of sharing the Gospel and making disciples who make disciples. It includes: Evangelism outreach, Thursday Club and Conferences.

Program Cost: $14,650.00

Twelve Partnered Villages:

  • Gomponsem
  • Kaboanga
  • Banforaville
  • Tiéfora
  • Wolonkoto
  • Tingrela
  • Karpala
  • Komki
  • Goennega
  • Galo
  • Ypelcé
  • Goumsin

Thursday Club Children: 340