Baark Wusgo for being an incredible partner of Teêbo!

The support of our partners, took us to a different level in 2016, because of them, we are enriching the Burkinabés:

The End Starving Season program is growing with great success. We provided 95 plows and 128 bags of fertilizer in two villages, Goumsin and Goennega. Please allow me to share that this is the first time ever that we provided that many fertilizers to hard working farmers who crucially need them.

The Water Project had a successful event for our first year in Goennega. Thousands of people came out to join us for the opening of the new well. It provides, clean and safe drinkable water to villagers. We dug a 187 feet well that can give 320 gallon of water per minute for 1400 villagers.

The Exam Prep Program had 123 students, composed of two classes of six graders from Goumsin’s village. We took a different approach this year and partnered locally with the Church to oversee the children, walk with them, teach and show them Christ.

The Mission Work Program has been successful with Evangelism Outreach in several villages throughout Burkina Faso, discipleship making around the country with follow up into deeper relationships with Christ. We also partnered with a publisher in France, BFL Europe to provide literature to Church’s leaders.
Brief description of 2017 needs: continue programs in Goumsin and Goennega, new well in Yako, ESS in Kombissiri as a third partnered village, Vipaolgo’s education program and Teebo’s vehicle.

Thank you once again for your generosity,

Moving Onward!
Teêbo Team