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Our Story

Teêbo was established from the belief that even the smallest act of generosity can have a tremendous impact on the lives of others. What began with one boy’s Christmas gift to local widows has grown into a global non-profit involving both the people of Burkina Faso and experts in community-building from around the world. To help Burkina Faso move forward, Teebofocuses on three closely linked verticals: humanitarian aid, educational assistance, and mission work.


Bringing about change in Burkina Faso requires that we focus our efforts to maximize impact. Within our three verticals (Humanitarian Aid, Educational Assistance, and Mission Work) we have chosen to invest in agricultural relief, increasing the pass rate for the National Exam, and multi-day evangelism events. The village of Goumsin has served as a village to pilot all three of the organization’s programs. During the past two years we have concentrated our efforts in Goumsin in order to optimize them before replicating efforts in other villages.

 Who We Are

Teebo is a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to serving the people of Burkina Faso, the Burkinabés, through humanitarian aid, educational assistance, and mission work.

 Facts About The Country

The total population in Burkina Faso is around 18,000,000 and is the third poorest country in the world.Compared to states in the United States of America (USA), the country is about the size of Colorado State. French is the official language, but 90% speak Mooré or Jula (native Burkina Faso languages). The landlocked country in Africa has an annual 3-month rainy season, which is followed by 9 months of drought. 90% of the population is involved in subsistence farming, meaning that they are only able to farm for themselves and eat what they rip within the household. It is unfortunate that we such a big percentage of the population in that work force, certain regions still experience starving seasons but Teêbo is partnering with the community to create some changes.

 The average life expectancy is 54 years due to the miserable living conditions, experienced by the loving people of Burkina Faso. Many factors such as lack of good healthcare systems, poor nutrition including clean water access, to name a few, affect their life expectancy. In fact, 81% don’t have access to improve sanitation and infant mortality is high, 1 out 10 children. The statistics give an accurate representation of the country and what they face everyday in their daily live with insufficient basic care to be healthy people.

 In terms of education, 4 out of 5 people in Burkina Faso are illiterate, that’s 26% nationwide. Many students and public secondary schools are found in the capital city, Ouagadougou. When one goes outside of the city, the difference becomes real obvious with lack of school infrastructures, teaching supplies and a high fail rate at the National Exam. On average, children spend only 6 years in school. At the six grades, they are required to take a passing exam in order to go to the seven grades, unfortunately, those who fail tend to give up because the support is missing. It is possible that the standards of education are great but Burkina Faso was ranked last in the World in education.

 In the country of the upright people, 4.2% of the population is Protestant. The Gospel is freely preached in certain regions, for instance in the city where churches are localized in many neighborhoods but not so well represented in rural areas. The 18,000,000 Burkinabés are split into 63 ethnic groups across 8,000 villages. Teêbo have been in about 20 villages but the people groups unreached (Tribe) are of 28, making the total people to reach around 15 million. The dominant religion is Islam and surrounding countries around Burkina Faso (Mali, Niger…) are dominated by faithful Muslim as well who have a good interaction with members of the community and peaceful.

(Most data regarding Burkina Faso were retrieved from The UN and The CIA World Fact Book)

Dollars Raised

We built a 100% model where 100% of all donations raised through our campaigns; recurring and monthly donations have been used for teebo.org Acts of Love. So far, we have raised a monetary amount of $141,425.30 to run the pilot programs in Goumsin.


Teêbo is run with an all-volunteer staff. Since we launched the organization, we have recorded 18,940 volunteering hours (2014). The organizational structure is so that, in the United States, the board concentrates their efforts on strategic oversight, program development and fundraising. A composition of 7-person board, one Church and more than 100 volunteers. In Burkina Faso, the team is the people on the ground, working to manage daily operations, build relationships with local leaders and distribute aid. The 5-person Support Staff and 4-person Impact Committee per village actively work with more than 500 volunteers to move Teêbo onward in the country.