We at Teêbo are excited to take another mission trip to Burkina Faso from June 2nd to June 10th. Burkina Faso, also known as Upper Volta, is a landlocked country about the size of Colorado in West Africa that is home to roughly 18 million people.

Teêbo’s purpose is found in the definition of the word –hope. We provide hope in the form of benevolent assistance to the people of Burkina Faso (Burkinabé), specifically through evangelical, educational, and humanitarian aid.Recently, Teêbo engaged with the villagers, equipping more than 400 students with school supplies in our Exam Prep Program, and more than 600 farmers are part of our End Starving Season program. See HOW we are enriching the Burkinabés.

On our trip to Burkina Faso, we plan on helping you experience our Acts of Love in three villages, bless and encourage the hard working farmers to become sustainable, launch Vacation Bible School opportunities, embrace the culture through visiting popular regions and the city. Before we forget, would you like to experience a day in a farmer’s life? Or even seat on an alligator? Fill out our preliminary questionnaire HERE

We believe that our time in Burkina Faso, along with your help, will help create a better future for the villagers as we continue to find ways to develop local sustainable programs.

When: June 02nd to June 10th

Where: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Cost: 2,200 (from IAD/East Coast)- 2700 (from SFO/West Coast)

Participants: Partners of Teêbo