Join us for food, drinks, dancing, and performances all for a great cause!!!

The whole Fillmore community is getting together for a night of hip/hop, funk, and soul music to raise funds for Teebo. We’re teaming up with folks from Fitbit, ASMBLY HALL, Timbuktu, San Franpsycho, Proyecto Diaz Coffee, Surfing Kidney and more to give you amazing raffle prizes for this fundraiser! This is an event you won’t want to miss!

JennyESSInvite your friends as well!

Teebo’s very own Jenny Chung will be spending 3 months this summer in Burkina Faso and will be building into the lives of the people in the rural villages that Teebo has been supporting.
She hopes to raise $4,150.00 by the beginning of this summer. This willcover 50 bags of fertilizers ($40.00 each) and 33 ancient plows ($65.00 each).

You can help make a difference by contributing your love and commitment!! There are three ways you can help End Starving Season 2016.
1. Come to our fundraiser and bring your friends! All are invited!
2.See how you can partner with Teebo to help
3. Provide a farmer with a bag of fertilizer ($40.00) and/or a plow ($65.00) via tilt

Teebo is empowering local farmers with plows, fertilizers and oxen to increase crop productivity to produce extra food to eat, and for disposable income. More than 500 farmers have been part of the program since June 2014 and have produced more than twice of their original quantity. Please visit to read about the impact and the non-profit organization.

So we hope to see you at this event!