In the beautiful landlocked country of Burkina Faso, it has been shown that:

  • more than 3.4 million people lack access to clean water
  • more than 82% of the population do not have access to improve sanitation
  • more than 20,000 children die each year from water related diseases

Teebo has been on the move since 2015 to tackle the issues by raising funds for its Water Project. 100% of funds raise go towards digging new wells for thousands of villagers and repairing existing wells that have been broken for years including workshops. This opportunity means that we are going to increase school attendance. Many children particularly girls will have more time to study for they won’t have to travel miles away to go get water. Mothers will have more time for household needs such as cooking and caring for the little ones. In the village, the number of water related diseases will drop significantly.  Having a well in a village can definitely impact  families’ life, health and allow students to be more successful in their education. Partner with us to make a long lasting impact through Teebo water project (TWP).

A child in the U.S has more than 520 less risk of getting a water related disease to one in Burkina Faso!