Goennega is one of the remote and poor villages in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Our team was there three years ago for the first time, in regards to a ministry outreach with the local Church but little did we know that it was going to become our second full Acts of Love village added to Goumsin. During the outreach, we had the opportunity to not only meet the Chief but also the leaders from different social groups and religion. It was a hard decision for us to establish a partnership although the needs were crucial, part of it due to the fact that it is five hours away from the city and we don’t yet have van to get there. The village has about 4,000 people and among the needs of education, farming support and a clinic, they needed a clean and drinkable water source. The answer was our first well!
We assessed the situation and engaged with the community through our End Starving Season program to equip farmers become sustainable. We aimed to significantly increase productivity to feed their families but also sell some of the profits to send the kids to school, care for the children and invest in small businesses. In the mean time, our former board chair courageously started to raise $15,000 and this summer, we opened a new well for hard working villagers in Goennega.
Now, end of involuntarily drinking dirty and unclean water in part of Goennega. With your support, they do not have to walk miles away to go get unhealthy water, six graders can spend less time getting water and more time studying, kids can now be kids with more family and game time
Barak Wusgo for making a difference in Goennega.