In the West African nation of Burkina Faso is a small village named Goumsin. Goumsin is home to about 4000 people who rely largely on subsistence farming to survive. Once a year they farm peanuts, beans, corn, and millet with the aid of hand tools and animal-powered plows.


Drought, poor seed storage methods, and lack of fertilizer contribute to a twice-annual season of hunger known as the Starving Season. During this season, farmers and their families have run out of food, and many young people migrate to cities in search of work. This results in young people missing school, and the chance to improve their lives through education. It also damages family and community structure.

 Our Goal

In June 2014, under the oversight of experts from a local state university’s agricultural program, Teebo will run a pilot program designed to assist those farmers and families most in need of agricultural assistance in the village of Goumsin.

By educating farmers about best practices for cultivation, seed storage, and animal husbandry, and empowering them to increase their yields by providing fertilizer and better tools, we will eliminate anticipated Starving Seasons for the village of Goumsin by early 2015.

The social impact of increased crop yields will result in better quality of life for the people of Goumsin, as families will be able to stay together, children will be able to stay in school, and excess crops may be sold for profit.

How You Can Help

Make a one-time or monthly donations to help the farmers in Goumsin, Burkina Faso.

  • 55 plows at $65 per plow
  • 55 bags of fertilizer at $40 per bag
  • 16 oxen at $360 per ox

100% of your donation will be used to #EndStarvingSeason